Receiving payments no longer need to be expensive

onsdag den 10. august 2016, 11:00

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Good news for our customers: accepting payments is now easier and more affordable than ever. Thanks to our partnership with Mollie, we can offer our customers the following benefits:

Attractive pricing, without setup fees or monthly fees.
All European payment methods are accepted.
Fast and helpful customer support.

Setting payment methods

You can check the boxes for the payment methods you'd like to accept, or simply use the default settings, and click on Save. A Mollie account will then automatically be created for you, and the payment options will be connected for you. You will receive an email from Mollie asking you to activate your account. If you already have a Mollie account, you can connect it to your EasyWebshop account to access the special pricing that we're able to offer as your reseller.

Pricing per payment method (for EasyWebshop customers only)

Bank transfers via EasyWebshop€0.00
Bitcoin bia Blockchain€0.00
BanContact / MisterCash via Mollie€0.18 + 1.30%
iDEAL via Mollie€0.23
Sofortbanking via Mollie€0.25 + 0.9%
PayPal via PayPal€0.35 + 3.4%

Visa / MasterCard via Mollie€0.18 + 1.6%

You can adjust the fees you want charge for various payment methods in the Advanced tab. Be sure to offer your customers at least one payment method that is free of additional fees.

Please don't forget to activate your Mollie account and your Mollie payment methods. If your account hasn't been activated, you won't be able to accept payments! This feature is available to our Professional and Business customers.

It's now easier to accept Bitcoin payments

Bitcoin is gaining popularity as a payment method and offers web retailers many advantages. Bitcoin is a worldwide network which means no issues with exchange rates between various local currencies, and no banking fees between different countries.

The value of 1 Bitcoin is now more than €500 and transaction volume has increased to over 200,000 transactions daily. Payments are usually confirmed within 20 minutes with minimal transaction fees, on average BTC 0.0001 or €0.05.

The way payments work is also uniquely simple. After placing an order, your customer is sent a payment link and a QR code that unlocks their Bitcoin wallet and allows them to confirm the payment.

As a web retailer, there are 3 ways you can accept Bitcoin payments:

Bitcoin using Mollie

Mollie can be automatically linked and accept Bitcoin payments on your behalf. The transaction fee is €0.25 per payment. Payments will be transferred to your bank account in euros. This is the easiest method, but you won't have direct access to the Bitcoins. As soon as payment is confirmed, the order's status is automatically updated.

You can set Mollie by going to Settings > Payment Options.

Bitcoin using Blockchain

Blockchain is a free online wallet that you can use to easily manage your Bitcoins. Payments from your customers are sent directly to your wallet, and are instantly available. As soon as payment is confirmed, the order's status is automatically updated.

You can set Blockchain by going to Settings > Apps > Blockchain.

Bitcoin using your wallet

If you already have a wallet on your computer or smartphone, you can enter your Bitcoin address at Settings > Payment Options > Advanced > Bitcoin. Your customers will be shown your Bitcoin address after placing their order. Once a payment has been confirmed, the order status will not be automatically updated; if you use this method, you will need to manually check if you've received the payment. For privacy reasons, we don't recommend using this method: it's better to use a new Bitcoin address for every transaction. This prevents previous transactions from being linked to each other.

MollieEasy, automatic status updatesTransaction fees, exchange to euro
BlockchainEasy, free, automatic status updates
Own walletFull controlPrivacy, no automatic status updates

Comparing payment providers

The world of online payments is complex and extensive. Which is why we've compiled a thorough comparison for our customers. Our comparison shows that new players generally offer better pricing. In addition, European providers are usually cheaper and support a wider range of payment methods.

View the comparison

The list is only available in English: this allows us to quickly add updates without involving translators.

EasyWebshop gives you the freedom of picking your preferred payment provider(s). Our system is integrated with the most important European payment providers. You can even choose a specific payment provider for each payment method. Which means that combinations such as Mollie, Blockchain and PayPal are possible. In addition, new payment providers can also be integrated using our app platform.

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